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Welcome to Bonfire Central!  

Were all about Bonfires here… Everything Bonfire! Check out our S’more recipes, Bonfire safety tips, Outdoor party ideas, HoeJoe and much more. Bonfire Central is home of the HoeJoe.
The HoeJoe is a uniquely crafted bonfire tool with a welded tip specifically designed to help you handle hot logs safely and effectively. The HoeJoe with its steel plated apparatus attached to a 52″ long durable wood handle making a total length of 65″ will last through years of use. The HoeJoe is perfect for a backyard bonfire, a cabin retreat or as a gift for the bonfire lover in your life. The HoeJoe Jr. is made of the same high quality steel. Its handle is 18″ in length for a total length of 36″, perfect for portable bonfire kettles or patio pits.


Play the video below to learn more about the HoeJoe and HoeJoe Jr.


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