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Bonfire Safety Tips

Basic Minnesota Uniform Fire Code states:

 The HoeJoe in Action!Outdoor burners cannot be within 15 feet of any residence building Or located within six feet of any other structure such as garage or shed

Before burning check your city ordinance in regards to bonfire restrictions… Some require permits while other do not

It is wise to contact your local fire department to eliminate needless false alarms

Watch the weather: too windy or dry do not bonfire…use your common sense

Do not burn leaves, paper, combustible materials in your bonfire pits

Hickory, oak or other hardwood make the best fuel

To safely manage your fire, you should have a tool like the HoeJoe that cradles hot logs and allows you to add wood as well as adjust your fire at a safe distance from the fire.

23585859[1]Keep a bucket of water handy
to douse the fire…
and again use your HoeJoe
or other bonfire safety tool
to stir out the ashes.

Keep it Safe and Have Fun!


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