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Do you think it’s odd to have a b30354794onfire in

the middle of winter?

Who would want to freeze outside, right? 

Actually it’s quite common and here are some reasons why.

  • Bright IdeaWinter Bonfires are a great way to celebrate after exercising outside!
  • Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or a brisk walk in the park are all envigorating and burn calories!
  • Two hours of outdoor activities in the winter help to those affectd by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • Bonfire games and big conversations help stimulate your brain!
  • Earlier bonfire parties, it gets dark early!
  • Less risk of spreading forest or grass fires
  • Star gazing… bright Winter stars are amazing.
  • Watch ice melt and sizzle on the fire
  • Snow comes in handy to tame the bonfire.
  • Fresh & exciting outdoors vs. stuffy & dull indoors.
  • With warm clothing it’s toasty warm!
  • Do it yourself Snacks of S’mores and Weenies.
  • Hot drinks such as Cocoa and Cider hit the spot outside.
  • Nice addition to wintertime hot tub parties.
  • If some guests get restless, building snow forts and snowmen is quite fun and enchanting by the light of a bonfire.
  • NO BUGS!

Bonfire Snow

Celebrate 6 Outdoor Christmas Traditions with a HoeJoe BOGO!

on December 12, 2015 in Campfire, Christmas present, get-together, Holiday gift, Outdoor Party Planning, Outdoors-man gift, Winter Party Comments Off on Celebrate 6 Outdoor Christmas Traditions with a HoeJoe BOGO!

Winter BonfireAs a Christmas tradition here at Bonfire Central we are offering folks a buy one HoeJoe get a HoeJoe jr. FREE.  This special lasts until 12/15/2015. So get yours today and don’t delay!

And since you’ll be getting yourself or a loved one a HoeJoe for Christmas, why not think of some fun things to do with friends and family over the Christmas Season!  Below are just a few great ideas that we offer up to you and yours this holiday season.


#1-Let’s talk about our favorite pastime- Bonfires!

Oh the weather outside it frightful….but the fun you can have is delightful so bring some blankets, some Christmas music, (or just sing Carols around the fire). Fill your thermos with hot chocolate or cider. Don’t forget the marshmallows for the kids and maybe adult beverages for the people over 21+.  Look at the stars and talk about the meaning of the upcoming holiday. (You can even look for the Star of David or watch for Santa, if you choose).


#2-Sparklers In The Snow What better way to welcome the new year than with ultra-festive sparklers? You could wave them around, dance with them, or (my favorite) stick them in the snow where their insanely hot temperatures can’t gitcha. (Common sense precautions apply!)

#3  Snow Ice Cream  Snow ice cream is a great treat and eveyrone can help. Here’s the basic recipe- but know you can                                                             add whatever flavors you desire. It’s fun to experiment!

Easy Snow Ice Cream Recipe

  • 1 gallon or big bowl full of snow
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 cup cream or milk

Then just mix the ingredients together. You get the idea.

#4-Launch Sky Lanterns I first learned when we were in Florida over New Year’s Eve. Hundreds of people launched these wonderuful sky lanterns into the Sky and wished for a Wonderful New Year. Our Family now uses the tradition to also send off prayers to family and friends we want to remember. (The usual precautions regarding launching fire into the sky apply, of course!)

#5- Evening Hike  No matter where you live, its a great idea to get outside and walk after a big meal, or before everyone is nestled all snug in their beds. The cold air and brisk walk makes you feel alive.  An adults-only hike can be a welcome and rigorous workout, but taking the little ones is a perfect chance to discuss the beautifully complex motion of the solar system, and if they are too tired, wrap the in a blanket and put them in a wagon or stroller. Fresh air is a great way to tire them out!

#6-Gift Wrap Scavenger Hunt – If you get cabin fever, wrap up the clan and go outside to gather natural elements to adorn presents . Kids can scurry around the yard or park, hunting for pine cones, acorns, evergreen twigs, and any other pretty, natural elements that can be tied on a package. (Common sense don’t-let-kids-eat-mysterious-berries precautions apply!)


Bonfire Central wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful Bonfire Tonight or Any Night!




There is still time to order the HoeJoe for the Holidays.

Looking for a gift for the Bonfire Lover?

The HoeJoe makes the perfect gift.


HoeJoe Makes a Great Christmas Gift

on November 26, 2012 in Birthday Gift, Christmas present, Gift, HoeJoe, Holiday gift, masculine gift, Outdoors-man gift Comments Off on HoeJoe Makes a Great Christmas Gift




 Spouse, Friend, Neighbor, Cabin Owner,

Camper, Scout, Parents…..


THE Perfect Gift For the

Bonfire Lover in Your Life!!!!


Great Christmas Gift For Him

on December 9, 2010 in Campfire, Camping, Christmas present, Gift, HoeJoe, Holiday gift, masculine gift, Outdoors-man gift, Tool Comments Off on Great Christmas Gift For Him


Finding the uncommon gift for the man in your life.

Dear hunters of the perfect gift,

If you’re like most people, finding the perfect Christmas gift for the man in your life is nothing short of a challenge. You’re looking for a gift that’s less ordinary, but still has value and practicality.

If you stumbled upon our page… Yessss!

The HoeJoe makes the perfect gift for the Bonfire lover in your life!

Imagine wrapping the HoeJoe with gaudy paper and bows. What a funny sight to see. It will be the hit of the Christmas Party no doubt! We’d sure like to be flies on the wall when everyone is commenting on this uniquely shaped gift!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
~Your Bonfire Central friends




Joe the Poet. HoeJoe-it.

on April 5, 2010 in Cabin, HoeJoe, Outdoors-man gift Comments Off on Joe the Poet. HoeJoe-it.


hoejoe[1]The HoeJoe is for the Man…
who likes to play with fire. 
For piling up logs…
higher and higher.
For keeping the fire…
under check.
For bonfire amusement,
oh, what the heck.
For the Man,
who likes to push logs around
with a stick.
For the great Outdoors-man,
or Cabin chick.
For safely maneuvering…
it does the trick.
Just HoeJoe-it.

Survive the cold with a gift for the season!

30354794It’s so very cold outside!  For Minnesotans and Northern State dwellers, keeping warm is a big priority.  Still, the cold doesn’t stop everyone from getting outside.  Outdoor activities are abundant in our winter wonderland!  We celebrate our snow flurries with snowmen, ice sculptures, ice-skating, and sledding with the kids.  Outdoorsy type people still enjoy winter camping and cabin retreats, putting their survival skills to the test.  After freezing their tushes off, a nice hot cup of cocoa would be idyllic… and getting warm near a bonfire or fireplace is preferred.  There is a practical gift for the Winter survivalists who appreciate warmth and the finer things of convenience.  The HoeJoe Jr. makes a great winter gift.  Like a remote control to a couch potato, the Hoe Joe Jr.  just helps with the relaxation of flipping channels logs in the cabin fireplace or bonfire in the woods.  Getting warm never felt so good in these frigid temperatures.  Find more information about the HoeJoe at  See it in action along with testimonials in this HoeJoe video. 

Keep Warm and Happy Holidays!

Holiday Gift for the Man who has everything!

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The perfect gift for him!


The Perfect Gift

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect gift for the man who has everything or wants nothing.  We know the feeling of endless searching, but don’t give up just yet.  Our HoeJoe might just be the bull’s eye solution.  The HoeJoe is a unique gift for the outdoors-man, the bonfire party guy,  the man who loves gadgets and tools of all sorts.  It’s something different with a catchy name… and he’s sure to be surprised and impressed by your choice.  Learn more about the HoeJoe, find local retailers or order online at  Happy Holidays!






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