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Do you think it’s odd to have a b30354794onfire in

the middle of winter?

Who would want to freeze outside, right? 

Actually it’s quite common and here are some reasons why.

  • Bright IdeaWinter Bonfires are a great way to celebrate after exercising outside!
  • Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or a brisk walk in the park are all envigorating and burn calories!
  • Two hours of outdoor activities in the winter help to those affectd by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • Bonfire games and big conversations help stimulate your brain!
  • Earlier bonfire parties, it gets dark early!
  • Less risk of spreading forest or grass fires
  • Star gazing… bright Winter stars are amazing.
  • Watch ice melt and sizzle on the fire
  • Snow comes in handy to tame the bonfire.
  • Fresh & exciting outdoors vs. stuffy & dull indoors.
  • With warm clothing it’s toasty warm!
  • Do it yourself Snacks of S’mores and Weenies.
  • Hot drinks such as Cocoa and Cider hit the spot outside.
  • Nice addition to wintertime hot tub parties.
  • If some guests get restless, building snow forts and snowmen is quite fun and enchanting by the light of a bonfire.
  • NO BUGS!

Bonfire Snow

Winter Bonfire











Enjoy the Winter Wonderland by

creating a roaring BONFIRE!

Make sure you have a HoeJoe on hand to keep

those flames going!  The HoeJoe or HoeJoe Jr make

a great gift for Christmas.

HoeJoe: Snow and Ice Tool?

on December 31, 2010 in Ice Tool, Snow Tool, Tool Comments Off on HoeJoe: Snow and Ice Tool?

We had a customer pose this question:

“Can I use my HoeJoe to scrape the snow and Ice off my Roof?”

Well, we certainly thought it was a great Question/Idea! However, the HoeJoe was not built with this purpose in mind. We welcomed his curiosity, but told him to go about his experiment at his own risk. We might in fact do a little testing of our own!  We all know that facing Ice dams in the northern states can be quite the dilemma.  Given that it’s a 55″ handle is long enough to touch roof top edges and overhangs with a step stool or ladder, it makes complete sense that it would work well for snow and ice removal! We think it would be an awesome duel purpose tool in this case. Even if we didn’t sell it as an Ice tool of sorts, we now know that the man of the house is certain to spot it in his garage and try to use it in different ways.  Here’s to inventive thinkers and their tools! Thanks for your question Bud!

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